How do I disable ExpressPay?




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    Fressh TheBarber

    Can i please be remove off express pay, the reason is cus my clients who dont have credit cards can not book an appointment sorry that service didnt work for me, thank you

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    Can u please remove express pay from my account. Me clients can't book appointments because they don't to use their card info. Please remove express pay from my account immediately. This is my 5th time trying to contact styleseat

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    Maria Vializ Randolph

    Hello my name is Maria, 

    i would like to know why my card is not being used for my hair stylist, I’ve been using it for years now and never had a problem with my card. I want to make an appointment to get my hair done so I can continue to be her client, but you I only have a debit card Visa, nothing else. 

    Can you please help.

    maria Vializ randolph

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